Caliber 14 x 109 Piexon CH (canned heat)

With more than 13 years of proven experience, Piexon Inc. has a solid background in providing high-end solutions to existing problems.

The issue of long range OC delivery-precision led to the development of the all new 14x109mm Piexon CH canister.

This kind of explosive-driven (7) "syringe" holds a piston (5) in between two burst discs (6 & 2) at the rear and front end. The space (4) between the piston and the upper burst disc is filled with Piexol, a liquid OC-formula.

The chamber extends towards the end (3), allowing the overpressure to pass by the piston O-rings, completely cleaning the canister of any OC left.

The jet nozzle (1) gives the jet its final shape, allowing it to travel for a distance of over 7 meters accurately.

The JPX two round magazine shown in a cut away drawing, containing two single 14x109mm Piexon CH canister.

  • Training and OC-Piexol magazines for JPX and four round clips for JPX4 with a 10 ml payload of highly effective OC- Piexol400kS each.
  • Worlds only patented, high-velocity OC-cartridge system that does not employ any objects to deliver the payload. Hence, the risk of permanent injuries to the assailant can be ruled out if the safety distance of 1.5 m (barrel to target) is respected.

JPX4 OC (Art. JPX051) and training magazine (Art. JPX050) for JPX

JPX4 OC clip (Art. JPX4051) and training magazine clip (Art. JPX4050)

JPX4 OC clip (Art. JPX4051) and training magazine clip (Art. JPX4050)

JPX4 OC clip front view of upper burst disk

Firing a JPX4 training canister (Slowmotion)

Animation of a JPX canister being fired