JPX4 - enhanced OC firepower

Two versions of the new JPX4 are now available. The Law Enforcement Series, as well as the Compact Series. The Law Enforcement Series is available to officials only. Please contact us for more details, availability and prices.

JPX4 LE (Law Enforcement)

JPX4 CP (Compact)

Makes even the hardest one cry!

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The effects of the irritant agent "PIEXOL" can last for up to one hour depending on how quickly the opponent can be decontaminated. The JPX boasts a maximum firing range of 7 meters (23 feet) and due to the enormous firepower may not be deployed at a range of less than 1,5m (5ft) from an opponent. This given, makes it the most effective and renowed less lethal system on the market. 

New JPX4 Series multi-shot OC Jet delivery systems