JPX Police approved and field tested OC jet technology

Slide-on mechanism for the twin shot magazine

Available in two different colours

Easy reloading with 2 rounds OC or training magazines

Housing Material
  • High impact resistant polymer
  • Black or Orange available
  • Open sights or optional integrated laser sight
  • Picatinny MilSpec rail
JPX Data
  • Length:  7.48 inches (190mm)
  • Height:   3.54 inches (90mm)
  • Width:    1.46 inches (37mm)
  • Receiver:   8.81 oz (250g) standard
  • 9.52 oz (270g) with optional laser
  • Cartridge: 4.76 oz (135g) loaded
Minimum / Maximum Range
  • 5 to 23ft (1.5 to 7.0m) Law Enforcement OC
  • 5 to 23ft (1.5 to 7.0m) Training
  • 5 to 15ft (1.5 to 5.0m) Consumer OC

Operation Mode
  • Double-Action only with automatic switchover
  • 2 charges per mag., 0.32oz (9ml) irritant inflammatory PIEXOL agent each
Jet Velocity
  • 320.2ft/sec (97.6m/s) measured at 4.92feet (1.5m) from nozzle
Operation temperature
  • -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C) 

Profit from an outstanding self defence technology

  • Effective range of 7 meters
  • Not affected by wind and rain 
  • No cross contamination due to the use of viscosit OC agent Piexol400kS
  • Reloadable device
  • Easy to aim
  • No power supply (battery) needed